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This is where my toying with data is documented.

Instructional Support Group (ISG) Metrics

Support Request Tickets

This interactive display shows the number of support ticket requests handled by ISG since the standing-up of a ticket system for all College of Education technology requests. Select (click and drag) an area of the lower graph, and the upper graph will focus to the narrower time frame.

The graph is an adaptation of a Focus+Context via Brushing block by mbostock on It utilizes d3.js. run right here on this site.

Workshop Dates and Participant Volume

This heat map represents workshops delivered by ISG since 2008, by day of the week and month/year. Darker spots indicate higher numbers of participants in each training.

The graph is similar to the contribution heat map found on Github user profile pages, and code was borrowed from gyaikhom's activitymap.

*this page isn't as mobile-friendly as I'd like. apologies!